DIEM Sport, Bulgaria. Sportwear manufacturer and wholesaler!
Custom cycling jerseys, custom printed bike shorts, bib shorts, warmers, jackets, scarves, bandanas

Requirements for the files with the designs:

1. All logos in vectors, grouped as one object
2. All texts in curves. Names or numbers of players put in the file in the preferred font and in curves
3. All the logos, texts, backgrounds, etc in separate file or separately in the same file with the design
4. We will prefer design placed in templates, not in a form for showing the customers
5. The colors to be set in the file as Pantone numbers, CMYK colors are printed without changing and with no warranty for the result
6. Avoid transparency, opacity, masks etc web effects - we can print these with NO guarantee for the result
7. Do not use any objects made with plugging or other additional non-standard software tools in the design
8. If any 3D or other object made with special software convert them in TIFF images in 120 dpi in real size
9. The Black color to be set as CMYK 40/40/40/100, all black areas - exactly same formula!
10. The min line thickness visible on the fabrics structure is 0.35 mm (1 pt)


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