Cuts/Templates for Running


That product is not for sublimation!
Option for side panels – with/without panels.
The area is for printing!
Recomendation: use stronger dyed fabrics /not sublimated/!
The area is not for sublimation!
03. 3.b. Running top
04.1. Running Singlet I
04.2. Running Singlet II
04.3. Running Singlet III
03. 2.b. Running Singlet IV
04.12. Running singlet V


04.5. Running T-shirt

05.5. Set-In sleeves
-short sleeves-woman’s

04.6. Running Shorts
With Panels
04.7. Running Shorts
Without Panels
04.8. Running Shorts
04.11. Tights
03.19.a. Bra top
03.12. Running Shorts
03.13.b. Running Shorts