We personally pick all the materials we use in our manufacturing and make sure to always have the newest technologies.
Currently we stock materials with special features like:
– Silver filament yarn
– Carbon filament yarn
– Bio-ceramics fiber
– Recycled polyester yarn
– DWR treatment – fluorine free and fully sustainable, vegetable base technology, called C0.
– Light reflecting coating
– Wicking treatment
– Vitamin treatment
– Merino wool
– Embossed and de-bossed materials
– aerodynamic and wind-tunnel tested materials
– moisture-transferring properties and high thermal insulation – materials like polypropylene
We use trims, only from sustainable and socially responsible companies.
From elastic to extra strong threads normally used in the shoe making industries – we use many different technologies of threads – waterproof, see-trough, metal etc.
Most importantly, we take care for our clients’ health by using safe and non-toxic Italian inks, while making sure to not compromise in the quality of the print and vibrancy of colours.